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We specialize in "peer-to-peer" promotion of mobile applications on various platforms such as Google Play, App Store, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and X (Twitter)

Promotion on Google Play

"peer-to-peer" promotion based on task fulfillment

Promotion on App Store

"peer-to-peer" promotion based on task fulfillment

Promotion on Facebook

"peer-to-peer" promotion based on task fulfillment


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Platforms for mobile application promotion

* Indicators for the last 30 days

New Users
New Applications
Completed tasks (Install)
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  • Task Builder
  • Maximum Applications - 5
  • Maximum Tasks - 10
  • "Free Promotion Limit" - 2 tasks per day
  • Monthly PaidCoins
  • Automatic extension of promotion period
One-time purchase


  • Task Builder
  • Similar to "Free" (5/10/2)
  • One-time 30-250 PaidCoins
  • Monthly PaidCoins
  • Automatic extension of promotion period

* Paid subscriptions or one-time coin purchases are made through the Buy Me a Coffee or Patreon platforms.

Our Manifesto

At FriendlyHelp, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We are a diverse group of passionate individuals united by our shared love for mobile app development and our desire to support each other's success. Our manifesto reflects our core values and principles:

Community First: We prioritize the well-being and success of our community members above all else. We foster an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

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LetterGrid - Word Game

Country: United States

FriendlyHelp is a very useful community for Indie developers who struggle with competition to promote their apps and have them visible in Google Play and App Store search results. The community helps each other by downloading apps and providing feedback to fellow developers on how to improve them or writing reviews in the app stores. If you are an indie app developer with limited marketing budget, this service is a must to jump start your app's downloads and improve the ASO.



Country: Italy

Great website for promoting smartphone application legally. Good job guys! Keep working and improving the algorithm!


Kovács Levente

Country: Romania

It is a really helpful website for mobile developers who have no money for promoting apps.

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