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Community Report - Week 33

This week I have almost completed the development of Community 3.0. From Monday I will stop sending out invitations for new users, as the new version of the service will be radically different from the current one. Also from Monday I will deploy a test server and do an auto-transfer of active accounts and ask each of you to help me test the service before release. Conditions and exact terms will be published in our community in Discord

Statistics. This week we had 21 new users join us and 43 new apps were added. In total, we were able to complete 809 tasks to promote your mobile apps. We will soon be moving to a new rewards system (PaidCoins) to increase overall user engagement. We hope the new rules of the game will help reduce the number of "lazy" users.

Congratulations. First I would like to congratulate the new users who have already received 10+ Installations for their applications, namely: delvine, Maciek, sol_loong. And also congratulations to users who have already received 25+ Installations, namely Ruben, Hussain Mustafa, Ugshinobi, guy, Olha,, Michael, Laniakea. As well as user Jack who has already received 50+ Installations and user hqzhang1982 - 200+ Installations. And if possible, help us to increase our trust level - write a feedback about us or give us a rating on Trustpilot

New version development. This week I added an email template for the daily stats report, fixed bugs related to the new install count graph, and changed the language change logic. I also created a "Welcome Task" and demo mode, wrote new content for the "Help" section and added a new "FAQ" section, all in 9 different languages to make it easier for you to use the service. The translation is done by AI, so if you know one of these languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and you have a desire to help with error checking, please contact me, I would be very grateful.

The Community helps each of you, but you can help the Community too. For example, write a review about us on Trustpilot or tell your colleagues or friends about us. You can also support us financially. Any help is welcome)

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